Mobilise your workflow

Go paperless and digitally collect and access information tailored to your business needs.

Transform your business

Whether you’re a real estate agent running open homes, a property manager performing flat inspections, or a front desk clerk managing health and safety compliance for contractors, CloudFetch has you covered.

Digitise your assets

Upload important files, create and share forms privately or publicly, and access them all from one place.

Access from any device

Hosted in the Cloud, with support across major platforms including IoS, Android and Web, you can use CloudFetch anywhere, across your business, on your chosen device.


Work fast with widgets

Our widgets let you capture specific types of data, allowing you to create and customise your perfect form.

Apply rules to build smart forms

Hide certain fields and present different questions – so people filling out your forms only see relevant fields.

Intuitive layout

Easily create well-designed forms with the intuitive layout, or select from various templates.

Store files in the Cloud

Securely store any files in the Cloud, including automatic backups of your camera roll.

Organise your submissions

Completed forms are stored in one place, making them easily accessible and saving you time and space.

Utilise your device

CloudFetch is integrated with your device, allowing you to use functions such as your camera to enhance your forms.


Explorer or Plus


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  • 5GB Storage
  • 2 Forms
  • 250 Submissions